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Leading by Green Example #AdelphiFreshAir

I remember researching colleges and universities. It was one of the most exciting and overwhelming times of my life; deciding where I would spend those transformative years that would prepare me for the responsibilities of full-fledged adulthood. I remember the incredible amount of factors to consider beyond the academic standpoint. You’re making a large investment in your education at an institution that leads by example not only for students, but also for community and beyond. I am so glad to see that in this modern day, one of the examples set by many colleges is a strong commitment to sustainability. Now that I have two small children, I am realizing more than ever the dire need to protect the health of our environment for our future generations.

Adelphi University’s Green Initiative

One university that is continually making major efforts to ensure a cleaner, fuel efficient environment is Adelphi University on Long Island. They are applauded for their role in creating and preserving a healthier environment while preparing their students for employment in a green economy.

Natural Pesticides

Over a decade ago, Adelphi began using 100% natural, organic techniques to maintain the grounds of their Garden City campus. I personally can’t stress enough how important this is! Whether it’s a university, home, neighborhood, business, etc., a huge step in removing environmental toxins is to stop using persistent synthetic chemicals. The safe alternative is to use natural, organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers which actually nurture plants, soil and wildlife habitats. Industrial chemicals have been shown to be harmful to human health, as well as being one of the reasons why species such as honey bees are in danger. Did you know that ladybugs are an effective means to control pests? In June 2014, Adelphi released thousands of ladybugs to naturally control aphids and other insects on campus.

With two small kids who love to play outdoors, I would love to have peace of mind knowing they’re not being exposed to chemicals wherever we go to play. I thank Adelphi for playing a big role in setting a national example for others to strive towards clean and responsible landscaping!

Adelphi University is also a registered Arboretum. Check them out on Pinterest to see the beautiful flora on campus.

Solar Energy

Many times we take the sun for granted. It’s often times one of the everyday parts of our lives that we don’t even notice, unless we’re making a point to protect our bodies from its heat and UV rays. The thing that’s most often taken for granted is that it’s one of the most important sources of renewable energy available to us. Just as plants use it for energy to grow, we can convert it into electricity and heat. The downfall is that the means to use solar energy are expensive so it’s not yet widely incorporated.

It is investments in this new technology that will help it to advance and eventually be more widely accessible. Aside from installing geothermal systems, energy efficient fixtures, and purchasing 100% green power for the campus, Adelphi installed a photovoltaic solar energy system on the roof of their Swirbul Library. The 180 solar panels have no moving parts and require little maintenance. Won’t it be wonderful someday when solar energy systems like this are commonplace in our country? Adelphi is helping to set the example!

Green Products

Over the years I have been taking steps to remove toxic chemicals from my household. I am all about homemade natural cleaning products! I now clean my home with ingredients like vinegar, essential oils and baking soda. We’re no longer breathing in toxic chemicals, absorbing them through our skin, or releasing them into the environment. I know which steps we’re taking at home, but I often think about businesses and schools.

Using eco-friendly products is another part of Adelphi’s green initiative. Back in 2005 they began switching to environmentally friendly cleaning and paper products. They now use Green Seal Certified® products, which are recycled from waste paper, newspapers, and magazines. The products have had contaminants removed and are eco-friendly.

Fresh Air Campaign

In their continued focus on bettering the health and wellness of their community, Adelphi has launched a 2-year fresh air campaign.

  1. By fall of 2016, there will only be 3 designated smoking areas on campus.
  2. A reliable, cost-effective rideshare program will encourage carpooling to help reduce carbon emissions.
  3. Electric vehicle charging stations were installed in a parking garage on campus.

Adelphi Leads by Example

These are all efforts that inspire people to better their health and wellness. Again, it’s an example that will lead Adelphi’s surrounding community and the nation! Here are some other green standards Adelphi is adhering to:

  • Decreasing our reliance on fossil fuel
  • Reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency
  • Utilizing alternative forms of energy wherever possible
  • Decreasing the production of emissions that contribute to climate change
  • Conserving energy in information technology and computer usage
  • Recycling
  • Greener construction
  • Replacing Public Safety patrol vehicles with hybrid vehicles
  • Encouraging the use of public transportation by providing free shuttle service to all major hubs for students, faculty and staff

Adelphi shares some tips on what YOU can do at home to save energy. Read them here on their website!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Adelphi University. The opinions and text are all mine.