Solid Food Recommendations

Recommendations for Switching to Solid Foods
Our personal experience with our first baby was that we paid attention to her cues. She started to show signs of being interested in solid foods when she was around six months old. When we introduced solids, I kept a log of what she ate every day. This helped us keep track of new foods we tried, the quantities she ate, whether she liked them or not (she didn’t like apples at six months but loved them at eight months,) whether she had any allergic reactions, etc. We didn’t want to overwhelm her with too many new foods at once so keeping a log helped us stay organized. We didn’t follow a strict schedule or menu, but we did follow the four-day rule. We introduced one food at a time and waited four days before we introduced a new one. This helped us monitor her for any adverse reactions or allergies to any specific foods.

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Sample One Day Menu for an 8 to 12 Month Old
Some babies show interest in solid foods as early as four months. Every baby is different in the way they eat solids once they’re introduced to them. Some eat more and some eat less. Most pediatricians say that breast milk and/or formula are the most important sources of nutrition for a baby until they’re twelve months old. Offering solids is just for practice, introducing different flavors, textures and nutrients in addition to breast milk or formula. Your pediatrician will help you decide when it’s right to switch to solids based on your baby’s individual circumstances. Again, we followed our baby’s cues and she was well over a year old before solids were her main source of nutrition. When she did gradually switch over to exclusively solids, the broad range of tastes she experienced at an early age gave her a great start to a balanced, healthy diet.

Sample menu from and the American Academy of Pediatrics >

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