Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaners: Tub Scrub

Homemade Non-Toxic Tub Scrub @ DailyPea.com

Other than my homemade natural disinfectant spray and window cleaner, the other cleaner I use a lot around our house is a natural tub scrub. Like the other two cleaners, it’s 100% non-toxic, inexpensive, customized for the things that NEED to be cleaned and only takes minutes to make. Along with a little scrubbing power from a sponge, this tub scrub leaves tubs and sinks sparkling and removes soap scum. I give my baby a bath in our stainless steel kitchen sink and the soap I bathe her with leaves a dull residue in the sink. After scrubbing the sink a little with this tub scrub on a sponge, letting it sit for a few minutes and spraying with hot water, the residue is gone and the stainless steel sparkles. My sister uses it on her glass shower enclosure and it works like a charm.

  1. Add baking soda to a glass container with a lid.
  2. Add castile soap and water, stirring until it’s toothpaste consistency.
  3. If you don’t use all the cleaner in one use, you can save it in the covered container. If it dries out, just add water until it forms a paste again.

Like the commercially-made disinfectant sprays and glass cleaners I wrote about in previous posts, many tub and sink cleaners found at the store contain harmful chemicals. Harsh chemicals are totally unnecessary to shine tubs and sinks. The homemade tub cleaner in this post can be followed with natural disinfectant spray for extra cleaning power.

Here’s how the store-bought tub cleaner I used to use scores on the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Not so good for us or the environment.

EWG Tub Cleaner Score

Here’s how a store-bought cleaner that claims to be “green” ranks. Some of the ingredients are safe, but I still don’t want this cleaner anywhere near where my babies bathe since it does contain toxins.

EWG Green Tub Cleaner Score

When in doubt, check out the EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning or try out this homemade recipe! I promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel so relieved to clean with something that’s 100% non-toxic to you and the environment.

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